Monday, May 24, 2010

Store Review: Wendy's Knit Shop

A hunt for the elusive 4" size 2-8 HiyaHiya interchangeable needle set took us out of our suburban surroundings and on into a lovely country drive over the Potomac to Brunswick, MD. Our destination was Wendy's Knit Shop. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect out of a knitting store in such a small town--I knew it was either going to be a gem or one of those questionable stores with a small selection of yarns and notions and several dozen baggy applique sweaters in the window display. But, as a vendor of HiyaHiya, how bad could they be?

I am pleased to say that Wendy's Knit Shop is definitely gem of a store. Located in a great Old Town/Downtown looking area (complete with railroad museum), the store carries yarns from Red Heart acrylics to Berocco to socially conscious Frog Tree Yarns. My favorite part of the yarn selection was their section of locally grown, spun, and dyed yarns, most notably those of Alpacas of Maryland. There were local wools, as well as a  large assortment of alpaca yarns, and cashmere blend yarns, soft and silky to the touch. I couldn't resist walking out with  two hanks of plush, irresistibly smooshable alpaca in aqua and a smoky charcoal (both from Alpacas of Maryland).

For spinners, 4 oz. bags of rovings are available.

The shop is run by two sisters, and the service was great. When I called to inquire about the HiyaHiya interchangeable needles, I was greeted jovially and the person at the end of the line even hand-measured the needles to ensure that I was getting what I wanted. Upon arrival, I met both sisters and was asked if I needed any help, but was not taken away from my browsing by too many offers of help or suggestions on what I might want to buy for x, y, or z project. When I did have questions, everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. At the end of my visit, my yarn was wound for free (a service offered by many stores, but not always made obvious like it was here), which is always appreciated.

So, if you're in the area or even if you're not, make sure to stop by Wendy's Knit Shop for a personalized and satisfying experience.

 Wendy's Knit Shop
Open Wednesday through Monday (see website for hours)
17 W Potomac St.
Brunswick, MD 21716
(240) 457-0410

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    I'm Mary from Alpacas of Maryland. My husband and I care for the animals, breed and birth them. I spin and/or dye the yarn. It is soooo nice what you said. I'm thrilled. This is the first comment we've had. Please come see the alpacas themselves if you want to visit the farm in Westminster, MD! Again, thanks so very much. Isn't Wendy's Knit shop the BEST?