Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crochet FAIL, Baby robin love.

Last night, I started crocheting a potholder with some cotton my sister-in-law gave me, as she is moving this week and I thought it might be nice to make her a few homey things for her new digs. I haven't crocheted in three years, but how bad could a potholder be?

Turns out the pattern I dug up was faulty, so I ended up going on the internet to try and find a similar pattern. While I didn't find exactly what I wanted, I ran across and fell in love with Interweave's Chanson en Crochet by Mari Lynn Patrick. This is reason enough for me to dust off my hooks and hone in my crochet skills. I love the mixture of textures and patterns Mari Lynn uses, and most of all how it doesn't seem matronly in the least. Best of all, it's free!

Photo from
On the cute front, I've been so fixated with the return of the Canadian Geese that I forgot about all the baby robins that crop up around this time. Upon returning from work yesterday, I spotted from afar what I thought was a sick bird wedged in the vee of two tree branches. I went closer to see if the poor bird was injured, and soon realized that it was a fledgling waiting for its mother!


To get a scale of how small this baby was.

Cheeping quizzically 

Look at that stubby baby tail!

Settling down 

Butt fuzz! Oh the butt fuzz!


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  1. Very cute robin! I wish I had taken photos, but a week or two ago we had mallards in our front yard.