Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday odds and ends, and a free pattern!

On my way back from running some errands on campus this morning, I found this happy little pair nibbling on grass at the side of the library:

The geese are back! They are an annoyance to some, but to me, they mean only one thing: goslings! (Or, "goose babies", as I am apt to calling them when I am overly excited)

The excitement doesn't stop here: tonight, I am going to Jaleo to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday with a few other people. I've been wanting to try Jaleo for a while now, so expect some poorly photographed food pictures sometime in the next few days. Something tells me that there will be even bigger surprises than yummy tapas and free drinks in store for my sis-in-law tonight. Just a hunch.......

And speaking of food, have you seen Everybody Likes Sandwiches? I was browsing through these shortly before dinnertime the other day, which was probably a bad idea. Venture on over on a full stomach....or an empty one for tasty food ideas.

Last but not least, a free pattern. Twist Collective has posted a pattern of the Cabled Beret:

Photo from

Scroll to the very bottom of the blog entry for the link to the .pdf file. It seems like the giveaway they were also holding is over now, but with a free pattern for such a lovely hat, I think everyone wins.

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