Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Obligatory Introduction Post

"Sure...I gotcha. New York, third-wave feminist, college-educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over-scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says 'healthy body image' on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for... a week." --Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Though less than half of that quote describes me, the first time I heard it, I had to chuckle at the knitting part. I am not the traditional lifelong knitter--my mother taught me to knit and purl when I was 12, but I never made anything beyond the basic chunky scarf or practice square. The basement is littered with dozens of half-projects, dusty and still on their needles, birthday and Christmas gifts gone awry. College brought me a few months of renewed interest: some of my fraternity sisters were the unfortunate recipients of too-short scarves and ill-fitting hats, all mercifully received with smiles and encouragement. By the end of that winter back to knitting, the needles were once again banished to the basement and to the back of my closet, patiently waiting until I had another short spurt of inspiration.

I expected no differently this past winter when I decided to make a simple, chunky cowl for the unusually harsh winter the D.C. area was experiencing. But somehow, here I am, barrelling full-force into the thick heat of summer, experimenting with new yarns, planning out my first sweater--still knitting with every free moment I find.

I don't really know what I am planning for this blog yet--maybe it will flop like every other attempt I've made to record anything in my life, or maybe it will grow into something unexpected. Who knows. Either way, here I go....

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