Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My dear college piano buddy R and her husband D are expecting their second child this September and we are just ecstatic. They are wonderful parents and any child in their family is a lucky child indeed.

R is an avid crocheter who lovingly stitches together baby blankets for moms-to-be in her home and church communities, so I of course wanted to knit something for her new bundle of joy. As with the last pregnancy, R and D are waiting until the baby arrives before they find out the gender, which means my blanket color choices are quite limited. Unless, of course, I wait until the baby comes to make the blanket, but what fun is that?

Since they were inundated by yellow items for their first son, I wanted to do something a little different. Stripes are usually pretty unisex depending on how they are done, so I bought a few skeins of Red HeartEco-Ways in Peacock (3518), Aquarium (3520), and Lichen (1615—I don’t think this color looks like lichen, and further, I don’t know why companies keep thinking that names like “lichen” sound appealing). The colors are boyish but are colors adult women like to wear. But looking back, I kind of wish I had added Misty Violet (3533) to the mix as it’s turning out to be a little more rough and tumble looking than I had intended. Oh well. I am el stinko with color coordination, so it is a miracle I was able to get this far to begin with.

So, I tried to carry the yarn up the side to avoid weaving but it wasn’t working out very well for my tastes. I didn’t like how the sides were not flexible, so I went searching for other options. Maybe I’m just slow in the game here, but I was overjoyed to find THIS beautifully photographed tutorial on how to weave in ends while knitting. Those as in the dark as I have been, enjoy!


  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog :) I found you on the ravelry group "Blog Comment Train".

    I think the blanket sounds like a wonderful idea and your friend will appreciate it. Only other crafters know how much energy and thought goes into a project. Other people just don't fully appreciate it :) I think your color choices are great. I'll share a little secret with you, I choose my colors by looking at eyeshadow palettes. It sounds weird, but it is very helpful.

    Anyways, it was nice "meeting" you and feel free to stop by my blog:

  2. Yes! Giving gifts to other crafters is best. And thanks for the eyeshadow palette tip--that sounds really creative! Sometimes I take my palettes from birds, but what looks great on birds oftentimes looks really hideous when you try to put them together. This is a great site though:

    Thanks too, for the blog link. I love meeting new people and reading new blogs!