Friday, July 9, 2010

Knits for Men

I just noticed that I'm up to my 30th post--wow!

Anyway, I've been thinking about men lately. Knits for men, that is. On my bus ride to the metro one day, I ran into a fellow knitting library friend, S. She casually mentioned that she had been working on a sweater for her boyfriend for, oh, 8 months now. I was surprised--S is a young, hip knitter who has been turning project after project for over half her life. When I asked why she kept getting sidetracked, she responded, "It's so boring!"

So, I thought I'd start a new feature here: Manly Fridays! Every Friday, I'll hunt out and highlight some  fun patterns for men.

Interesting pattern that deviates from the normal rib, but is simple enough not to be too flamboyant. Unless you knit it in neon yellow. Pattern available in toe-up and cuff-down versions.

Bias-Knit Tie. Photo copyright Interweave Knits.
The ultimate man-accessory: the tie. J has been interested in knitted ties for a while, because of their interesting texture and one-of-a-kind-ness. I guess I should probably get on that, huh?

Throwback to Super Mario Brothers! Heck, I think I might make this one for myself.

What are your favorite manly knits?


  1. I love the idea of Manly Fridays! I am always looking for something to knit for my husband. Cool!

  2. My husband wanted a cover for his Pokewalker, so he wouldn't so obviously be wearing a pokemon-themed pedometer.

    I like the cobblestone pullover, though it probably falls into the boring category.

  3. I love the Goomba. You know that all of my boys would love the Goomba or various interpretations of it...hint hint...Christmas is just around the corner...hint hint...