Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 17 - Leftovers

We live on the sunnier side of the street, which means our snow always disappears first. I was so happy to see these remnants still hanging around this afternoon.


  1. It's still hanging around Baltimore ... freezing at night, slushing during the day.

  2. Great tree trunk photo! I hope to get plenty of those when I go home in a few days. (I found your site from the photography site for the 25 days photo project. Is that alright if I put a link to your blog on mine?) Keep up the good photos!


  3. Thanks! You can certainly link this. I haven't publicized this blog much to people I know because I'm really bad at keeping up with blogs and didn't want to get anyone's hopes up like I did a couple years ago. ;)

  4. That's cool Nikki. I totally understand about the posting thing. It seems only natural for the blog to ebb and flow in terms of content when people are busy (hello work and school combo!) I like what I see and even if there is a lack of content for a while that's fine by me. :)

    I will definitely put up a link on my site! Thanks.