Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes, just sometimes,  you catch your pets looking like total dorks. At the risk of turning this ito a photo blog, I bring you Scout. Scout is my 3 year old Sun Conure, and a couple days ago I caught her trying to imitate the cockatiels she loves to hang out with this "one feather up" feather 'do. And no, I definitely did not do this to her--I found her like this one morning, acting like everything was normal (clamoring for treats, of course).


  1. Hah ha! Scout is beautiful. I have a lovebird that likes to imitate the little short *cheep* that cardinals make. And in a pet shop I used to frequent, the baby cockatiels were next to the baby guinea pigs, and all the cockatiels were making guinea pig noises!

  2. what a beautiful bird!! love how they are all bright colors :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments! Scout is definitely a showy bird, especially when she's being a total dork.